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About EOR-Soft

Headquartered in Samara, the southeastern part of European Russia, the "EOR–Soft" Ltd. was created in 2008 to develop and market application software for oil-field development and exploitation. The EOR–Soft is a "mom and pop" company whose primary goal is to research and understand the ways that the information technologies can be used as an effective means in oil and gas industry.

The EOR–Soft's flagship software, EOR Effect+, is designed to perform calculation of technological and financial efficiency of geological technological activities (well intervention, enhanced oil recovery, etc.) in the oil field use. The calculation is done according to the approved methods. EOR Effect+ includes an on-line and automatic calculation of both the operation efficiency of all geological technological activities and prognostic parameters of oil production, oil field development maps editing, database of geological technological activities on the wells and report generation which surround the issue of achieving efficiency of geological technological activities. This software is a direct reflection of the ongoing research required to understand and apply IT as an actual means of geological and technical measurement at the oil wells.

The EOR–Soft also offers EOR Effect+ installation supply, technical support for a period of 3 months and development services. The Company works with carefully selected consultants to offer a wide range of services, including software installation and customization, creating processes for monthly update, synchronizing geological technical activity database and production efficiency calculated by EOR Effect+; synchronization of data between remote servers of customer’s distributed information system; training of customer’s employees; the software adaptation to the Customer’s requirements according to the results of the performed experimental-industrial exploitation.

Our software, as well as works and services based on it, has long been successfully used in such major oil companies as "Gazprom Neft", "LUKOIL" and included in the standards of these companies.

We have experience in the implementation of our products in the "Rosneft", "Tatneft", "Slavneft", "KazMunaiGas", various research institutes of oil and gas and service companies, oil and gas industry.

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