More functionality. Modeling and Analytics

EOR Effect+

The most powerful tool for calculating efficiency of geological technological activities in the oil field use

EOR Effect+ 8.0 has proved:

To be the most high-quality and timely assessment of the software package usage effectiveness (automatic registration number of private cases, flexible adjustment of calculation parameters).

To possess the ability to determine the effect duration .

To provide ample opportunities for visualizing the information that facilitates decision-making.

Justification of the wells choice in the planning of the oil recovery improvement is based on:

Mathematical modelling to analyze the correlation between the injection and production changes, oil and water ratio.

Constructing models of the impact of the injection well on the producing one.

Modelling liquid flow lines for the selection of the reacting oil well of operation.

Automatic site creation.

Monitoring the efficiency of each producing well

The software package "EOR Effect+" allows you to monitor changes in the incremental ultimate recovery of observation wells monthly. The analysis is carried out with the implementation of visualization on the user's screen, as well as with the ability to export images, diagrams and tables in the required reporting format.

Forming flexible custom reports

The software package "EOR Effect+" supports the entire cycle of the oil recovery improvement informatively and qualitatively from the planning stage to the end of exposure. The software package using reduces the time employees spend on the calculations significantly and improves result accuracy.

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